Kyoto’s famous burnt Ramen

Kyoto Gogyo is a popular high-end Ramen restaurant located near the Nishiki Markets.

The restaurant is famous for their burnt Ramen options. We aren’t normally ones for fancy Ramen restaurants, usually opting for a local hole in the wall joint, however, we were very intrigued!


Tom and I decided we needed Ramen on a Saturday night, we arrived at Kyoto Gogyo a little after 8pm expecting a long wait. The restaurant took our names and we waited on the bench seating out front. Our expectations were wrong and we were seated inside in under 10 minutes.

We ordered the Kogashi miso-men (burnt miso ramen) and Kogashi shoyu-men (burnt soy sauce ramen) with all the extra toppings. The meals set us back ¥1290 each. A little on the pricer side but the quality was exceptional.

Tom’s Miso Ramen with all the toppings

So why are people so hyped about someone burning their food? Kyoto Gogyo cooks their broth in 300°C lard. The base is heated in a wok which ignites into flames - for this reason we suggest trying to get a counter seat near the kitchen. “Kaunta seki onegai shimasu” “Counter seat please”.

Our Ramen arrived and filled the air with a savoury, smokey aroma. The top layer is covered in black oil and tiny specs of char. It’s incredibly rich, savoury and decadent. The toppings of onion allow a little bit of sweetness to punch through the umami broth.

My Shoyu Ramen with all the toppings

Is this going to be the best Ramen we’ve ever had? Probably not, but, if you’re travelling through Kyoto then you need to experience Kyoto Gogyo.

Address: 452 Jumonjicho, Yanaginobamba-dori, Takoyakushi Sagaru, Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto
Phone: +81 75 254 5567