Ultimate Gyoza experience

Gyoza’s that will make you weak in the knees and haunt your dreams!

If you think you’ve had one Gyoza then you’ve tried them all… you couldn’t be more wrong!

Gyoza Hohei only sells two types of Gyoza; garlic & leek and ginger which is served with miso sauce. We love restaurants that hone their craft by focusing on their specialties. This is one reason why we love Japan so much. Small menus = big flavours.

These beautiful bite sized parcels of juicy sweet meat and vegetables has ruined all other Gyoza’s for us. The outer wrapper is light and not at all gluey and then the bottom of the Gyoza is fried, crispy and delicate. The Japanese call the bottom skin that’s left on Gyoza’s after frying “fly wings” and it’s a sign of perfectly cooked Gyoza.

A serving of 8 is only ¥480 (Approx $6.40 au) the size of each Gyoza is small so order 16+ … you’ll end up ordering more for sure! These are the BEST Gyoza’s we’ve ever had! Anywhere!

The restaurant is small maybe 15 to 20 seats and is unassuming from the outside, other than the line of locals! They say Maiko and Geisha also visit this store. We arrived sometime after 9pm, popped our name on the list by the front door and waited to be called in. Trust us, the wait is worth it!

Also trust us and order a side of cucumbers. We were supposed to wait to eat them with the Gyoza’s but had to order another serving because they vanished… whoops.

We were seated in front of the chef as he worked his magic. It was almost torture being so close we could reach over and grab it! The smells were amazing. We were astonished watching him as he hand made each Gyoza, he was so fast and professional! We talked to the chef a little and it turns out he was the owner! It pays to be polite and ask before taking photos because he was so gracious after that he took over service for us, ensuring we were enjoying ourselves. He also gave us an amazing recommendation for Tsukemen Ramen in the Nara area. 5/5 service!

What you’ll need to know:

Name: Gyoza Hohei ぎょうざ 歩兵

Location: 東山区清本町373-3 Kyoto, 京都府 〒605-0084Japan

Website: https://gyozahohei.com

Open hours: 6pm - 1am

Closed on Sundays.

You’ll have to order at least one drink per person.

Gyoza Hohei has just opened a new store in Tokyo! We can’t wait to try their second store for the first time.

Address: 8-7-9 Ginza, Chuo-ku Tokyo