Campervanning across Europe


Two girls campervanning across Europe; the experience of a lifetime.

The good, the not-so-good and the noms.

Back in 2016 my girlfriend (Sarah) and I fly over to Europe, landed in Rome, picked up a dodgy Wicked camper and began our epic adventure. Did everything go to plan? Absolutely not. Would I go back and change what happened? Hell no.

My amazing man, Tom, stayed home to work and look after our two dogs!

We had 5 weeks, a campervan, a few activates locked in and a rough schedule.

Picking up our van was very… interesting. We arrived in a tiny run-down town in the outskirts of Rome, trying desperately to find the Wicked camper depot, dragging our suitcases behind us along a dirt road. The ‘depot' was a shack behind a building with a whole 5 vans stock!

We picked our van based on lest offensive and hit the road! Popped the first address into our GPS and drove for 4-5 hours. The scenery was gorgeous, but the drivers were chaotic. A little stressed we found relief when we drove over a hill and saw the beautiful sea poke up out of the horizon! …Wait. Sea? Shouldn't we be in Chianti winery region in the middle of Italy?

Turns out there are two of the same addresses in Italy and we had been driving East for 4 hours when we should have been driving North. Never. Trust. The. GPS. Triple check everything!

This is just a short example of how a few things didn't go exactly to plan. I will be sharing more stories in the future!

Some of my fondest memories:

The BEST Carbonara ever in Rome!

Having a Pizza picnic sitting on the rocks in front of a colourful La Spezia

Our joy of rescuing ourselves off the side of a cliff in Hallstatt and being rewarded with the stunning foggy covered views of the town

Cycling through De Hoge Veluwe National Park in the Netherlands

Touring through Maison Mumm Champaign

Discovering the breath-taking Puente Nuevo, Spain – Google this!

It was a truly inspiring trip and we learnt so much along the way.