Yamachan chicken wings

Japan’s most famous Chicken Wing chain from Nagoya

Yamachan has 75 locations spread out across Japan with 19 locations in Tokyo, you’ll never be too far from a fantastic feed! We visited the store in Ueno which is a massive 4 floor building near Ameya Yokocho.

The menu is extensive from pastas to currys to hot pots and salads but we only came here for the chicken wings.

The famous wings being “Maboroshi no Tebasaki”. These wings are dipped in a secret sauce and powdered with a generous amount of pepper, making them hot and spicy. Best paired with beer, whiskey high-ball or lemon sour and a side of pickled cucumbers. They leave your mouth literally tingling for more.

How to properly eat chicken wings by Yamachan (it really works!)

Look out for this chicken man logo for some of the best wings in Japan