Cute 3D Latte Art!


Reissue Latte Art

A hidden gem tucked away in Harajuku, creating the cutest coffees you’ve ever seen!


The latte artist is very talented and can draw almost anything you request. You can bring in a photo of your pet, ask for a sketch of your face, etc. If the café is busy you may be waiting a little while before your coffee arrives as there is only one artist working and almost everyone is ordering latte art. The staff were lovely and were genuinely delighted by the reactions from their patrons.

The café is cute and cosy. Be sure not to walk past it! The entry way is just a small door and a narrow staircase leading to the shop.

I chose to get Totoro from the cutest Ghibli film My Neighbour Totoro and Tom chose an adorable Shiba Inu (Japanese breed of Dog).

They were almost too cute to drink! I wanted to keep them forever!! The coffee itself was just a regular tasting latte. I much prefer black coffees these days.

A coffee with 3D art costs ¥1,000 ($12 au) each! I won’t be ordering one everyday at this cost but it was a special treat.

Check out some of their other work on Insta Here