The cutest hand-crafted jewellery in Brisbane!

The cutest hand-crafted jewellery in Brisbane!

Gummy Bear Earrings!

I love all things food related. My goal is to surround myself in things that make me happy; so when I discovered there was hand-crafting little adorable pieces of jewellery of my favourite treats in Brisbane  – I knew I had to get a hold of them!

Tuna Nigiri Earrings

Coffee Beans

Chloe is the master mind behind Clayfish Creations. This very talented woman is also my sister!  

We will sit down together soon and create a tutorial for an adorable Ebi Nigiri earring – Watch this space!

Clayfish Creations and her Etsy store is relatively new so if you have any special requests please contact Chloe or Okonominoms to start a conversation.

Here are some of my favourite items from her collection

If you are interested in any items that I’ve published but you are unable to find on the Etsy store please contact us to check availabilities!

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