Our Favourite Ramen in Brisbane

Taro’s Ramen

When Tom and I are craving Ramen this is our go to!

The Noodles are lovingly handmade in store, the Pork is a specialty Bangalow Sweet Pork and the owner is a self-confessed devoted Ramen lover from Japan. Taro travelled Japan exploring all the different regional variations. Thank you, Taro for bringing your Ramen over to Brisbane!

Fire Tonkotsu Ramen

When ordering from the regular menu my usual is Red or Fire Tonkotsu Ramen and Tom’s is the Miso Ramen. On our most recent visit, we tried their monthly September Special ‘Kyoto Kitashirakawa Style Ramen’.

This is Taro’s description of the dish: “The secret of the super thick soup is a few vegetables infused into the soup as a vegetable potage component. Topped simply with char siu, bamboo shoots, shallots and egg. The noodles, I have chosen a thick and hard straight noodle with lower moisture content.” This was very interesting to us! We have never tried a Ramen with such a different flavour. I described it as a hearty potato soup blended with a Tonkotsu Broth.

Part of why we love Taro’s Ramen is because of their monthly specials. We love to explore all the different variations! Previous Specials – Truffle Ramen, Lekei Ramen, Tsukimi Yamakake Ramen.

We also ordered Tsukemen Ramen with a Golden Triple Shoyu soup to dip the noodles into.

Tsukemen Ramen is served differently from Traditional Ramen. Your noodles and toppings are served separately to the broth for you to dip into. This is a good option for slow eaters as Ramens are meant to be eaten quickly so that the noodles don’t overcook. This isn’t an issue when the noodles are served separate!

Taro’s Ramen also offer a great Sake selection for those of you who want to sample a couple!

Our recommended side dishes – Gyoza & Beef Tataki!

We aren’t ones to ever turn down a bowl of Ramen. But there have been times when one of us doesn’t feel like anything too “heavy” this is where you should consider ordering the Shio (Salt) Ramen! Typically served with Chicken instead of Pork (but you can swap meats). The broth still has that beautiful Ramen flavour, but it is much lighter using only a selected amount of ingredients. This is also a better diet option!

Restaurant locations – Ascot, Queen St & Edward St in Brisbane and South Brisbane.

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