What does OkonomiNOMS mean?

お好み焼き Okonomiyaki is one of our favourite Japanese meals! Yaki means ‘Grilled’ in English and Okonomi means ‘What you like’. We’ve played with the Japanese here a bit to create ‘What you like’ NOMS – Maddy’s favourite term for delicious foods!

 We are Tom and Maddy. 27 Year old Australians living in Brisbane, Queensland.

Tom is a Machinist by trade, foodie at heart and skilled cook at home.

Maddy has travelled to 15 countries, studies Japanese and has an insatiable hunger.

Growing up Maddy’s Mother was a Sushi apprentice chef and Tom’s Parents owned a family restaurant in Cairns. We’ve both grown up learning about and appreciating food.

Our relationship from the beginning blossomed over our shared love for food; in particular, Japanese food.

 What will you find in our blogs? Tips on travelling to Japan, the language and customs. Our lives in Brisbane, our favourite food spots and the occasional recipe.   

Maddy will continue her studies in Japanese and will one day be able to write blog posts confidently. We hope to encourage more people to visit our home!